Eugene and Louise

Landries 102 9420 Aaigem (Belgium) - T +32 (0)53 395 067   -

Eugene and Louise is a Belgium based creative studio founded by the happy husband and wife team Glenn D’Hondt and Sylvia Meert. Eugene and Louise focuses on character design, illustration and original content. 

They’re the artists behind Pictureka!, a multi award winning board game Eugene and Louise co-developed and licensed to Hasbro. In the past 2 years Eugene and Louise has sold 6 concepts for animation series to production companies world wide: Hasbro Studios, E1 Entertainment, Alphanim Gaumont, B-Wooding Media and JEP Animation. All of these properties are currently in development.

Aside from developing its own properties, Eugene and Louise also does commissioned work in the world of advertising. Disney, Lego, Mattel, Chiquita, MTV Europe, Coca Cola, Absolute Vodka or advertising agencies like VVL-BBDO, Duval Guillaume and The Gepetto Group are only a few of the names you’ll find on their client list. For commissioned advertising jobs in the USA, Eugene and Louise is represented by the NY based agency Bernstein & Andriulli. In the UK the studio is represented by Eyecandy illustration.